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August 1, 2015







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I’m Angela; life coach, photographer, encourager, and taco-obsessed. By learning how to control my thoughts I conquered depression, anxiety, body image issues, and fear.  Now I'm passionate about sharing my secrets with you!

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   My journey to becoming a Tulsa photographer has evolved from a love for art that elevates a person to self transcendence.  Art has the power to influence emotion, drive, self-esteem, and awareness.  On a daily basis art uplifts moods, sparks creative thinking, and reminds you of emotions and memories that you cherish.
       My artistic past is extensive, but less than enchanting.  I was that kid always in an art class, always loved art, but never quite found their niche.  I loved how I could express a feeling or a thought within something that has no words; art gave me expression.
       My niche came in highschool when a family friend let me “play around” with their digital slr camera.  This was it.  This was everything.  I needed one.  I photographed anything and everything in nature because that was my sweet spot in art.  Next thing I knew I was helping as a “second shooter” for the family friend at an event and photographing my cousins – my first paid job!  I didn’t even know I was going to be paid, but I did know I did not deserve it back then!  I continued photographing friends and family for free to gain experience and understanding of my new art.  
 Now, what I love about portrait photography is it’s capability to warm hearts and encourage us on every level of life.  Portraits give us a chance to display our achievements, remind us of what we value most in life, relive our favorite moments, and forge our future.  I’m never more elated and humbled than when I watch the face of a client who is seeing their pictures for the first time – their sense of self is uplifted, their self-confidence at it’s height, and their pure joy in reliving a precious moment in time.  These are the snapshots I fill my heart with.  These moments are why I am a photographer.


DON'T FORGET - I'm not a doctor.  I share information to inspire you, but what you do with it is your responsibility.  If something I (or anyone) shares doesn't vibe right with you, ignore it. Be smart about the decisions you make for your betterment.



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