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What to Wear for Your Photoshoot

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october 6, 2019

 You’ve finally decided on what photography session you want, who you want to photograph it, when the session will be, and all the major decisions.  You book your photo shoot and then straightaway your mind goes to outfits.  What in the world are you going to wear?  Choosing an outfit for a photo shoot that will show off your style, be flattering, and make beautiful photos is a lot of pressure!  Take a breath and relax because I’m right here to guide you through it.  Let’s break it down: the only purpose of your wardrobe is to fashion you as the main focus and to flatter you.  There’s 4 areas you need to think about when selecting your wardrobe for a photo shoot:​

1. Style and Fit

  • Choose something you will be comfortable in and FEEL your best.  If you are uncomfortable it will show in your photos.
  • Opt for pieces that are tailored to fit your body, not someone elses.
    • This is especially important for children.  Sometimes the clothes our children wear on a daily basis have “room for growth”.  Try going down a size so that the clothing is tailored for the size that they truly are now, but not uncomfortable.
  • Simplicity is timeless.  Your outfit doesn’t have to be elaborate.
  • Try to stay away from items that are overly trendy.  Trendy pieces may not seem as flattering in 5 years.
  • Longer sleeves (at least 3/4 length) always look better on women.  It draws the eye outward instead of focusing on where the shirt ends and skin begins.  Longer sleeves will make you look taller and leaner – who doesn’t want that?
  • Keep jewelry classic and minimal.
  • Pick one asset/focus to bring out.
  • Don’t forget the shoes!  If you’re outfit is perfect and then you slap on your delapitated old sneakers they might ruin the entire photograph.  Choose shoes that make sense with what you’re wearing.
  • Styles that always look good:
    • skinny jeans
    • maxi dresses
    • sweaters

2. Colors, Patterns, and Textures

  • Bright colors are a beautiful thing in photographs, but if the colors in your wardrobe are too flourescent they will make you look sickly.  Neon and flourescent colors can reflect onto faces in photos.
    • White can also reflect onto your face and will wash you out.  This doesn’t mean DON’T wear it – just be careful and limit it.  Even choosing off-white is a safer alternative.
  • Texture is your best friend!  Knit sweaters, lace, scarfs, anything that adds texture is wonderful wonderful wonderful!
  • LAYER! The more layers the better. While adding a ton of layers might not be feasible in the summer, it creates depth and varity to photos.  Layers don’t always have to be jackets and coats – think scarfs, hats, multiple boot socks, vests, undershirt paired with an open shirt.  The possibilities have no bounds.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix all kinds of textures, colors, prints, and styles together.  Especially for the entire family – varying colors look great.
  • If you’re taking family photos, you want everyone in the shot to look unique and as though they compliment each other – not match.  It’s best to pick 2-3 main colors with 1 pop of color then throw in all the different textures and patterns you can within that theme.
  • Try to keep an entire outfit within the same depth of color (especially for adult women).  If you have on dark pants, choose a dark top.  If you have on light pants, choose a light top.  This doesn’t mean they need to be the same color, just not too “contrasty”.  Wearing black on bottom and white on top is going to make your proportions less than flattering (and make you look shorter).

3. Location

  • If you’re going to an outdoor barbeque you wouldn’t show up in a ballgown, would you?  Wear what is appropriate for the location your session will be.
  • If there will be a ton of greenery around (shrubs, trees, plants, lots of green grass) stay away from too much green in your wardrobe.
  • If we’re going to an outdoor location I might try to get you to sit on the ground somewhere (I know, how mean of me, right?) but that short dress will make that less than easy.  You want to be comfortable in the environment you’re in.
  • This one might be obvious, BUT if it’s autumn or winter don’t show up in short sleeves and wonder why you look rigid and awkward in your photos.  Keep yourself comfortable and have fun!

4. Inspiration

  • If you’re styling for the entire family, start with one outfit and go from there.  Once you’ve chosen one outfit that you love it will be easier to style everyone else.  You’ll know what your main colors are, what feel you want, how casual you’re aiming for, etc.
  • Bring props!  These might just help you choose your outfits too!  Whether it’s a child’s favorite stuffed animal, a family afgan/favorite blanket, or umbrella – props are great!
  • Look at the type of decor you have in your home.  We often style our home with what we find attractive as well as comfortable – stay true to your personal style!  This is also important because these photographs will soon become apart of your home decor.
I’ve created 3 pinterest boards to help you get ideas!  Be sure to follow me on Pinterest as I add more styling tips!
 Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer!  I will be more than thrilled when you consult with me on what you plan on wearing or how to make the family complement each other.  Text me photos, send pins to me on pinterest, email me!


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