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Self Awareness Is Not Just Knowing What’s Wrong With You

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october 6, 2019

Generally speaking, there’s 2 types of people:  those that are too critical of their flaws and those that seem to believe the sun shines out of their rear-end.

Frankly, you don’t want to be either one of those people.

Self Awareness is Multifaceted

Most people automatically associate self-awareness with a knowledge of your shortcomings, your worst traits, your failures, your defects.  But if you are truly self AWARE then you don’t fall prey to that kind of thinking.  You realize that to have a good representation of yourself, it must be well-rounded. The picture you paint must include all of your triumphs, your good qualities, the positive aspects of your nature, as well as the bitter.  If you focus too much on either side, then you forfeit an accurate picture of yourself.  If you choose to see only the good, making any kind of improvement to your life or yourself will prove to be really difficult.  Conversely, if you focus on the bad the same outcome will be likely because you won’t see the tools that you already possess to push yourself up the ladder of improvement.

To Understand Your Strengths, You Must Understand Your Weaknesses

And vice versa.  No one is perfect at everything, and no one expects you to be.  And if you’re thinking “mhm, but there are perfect people. You haven’t met so-and-so”  Well… so-and-so just has a different skill-set than you.  A skill-set that probably resembles a PR manager’s.  In life, if you want to play to your strengths, you have to understand your weaknesses.  You have to be FAIR when you’re thinking about who you are and what you’re good at.

Don’t Let Someone Tell You What Type of Person You Are

You probably already know the answer.  If you’re sitting there thinking “yeah, I’m a real drag.  Always focusing on the bad parts”.  Well, hello, here’s your first opportunity to stop! Stop beating yourself up, stop telling yourself what a drag you are, and think about what a fighter you are – the things you’ve made it through.  In your life time, you’ve weathered so many storms, but look at you, still here.  Still fighting.  Now for you sitting there not sure if you’re too hard on yourself or not… well… I think you know what I’m about to say…  you need a healthy dose of reality.  I’m not telling you to turn into Eyore from Winnie the Pooh.  I’m asking you if it’d be worth it to do a little inventory of the areas of your life that could use some improvement.  I’m asking you to embrace balance.  That’s what self awareness is all about.

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