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3 Things You Can Do Today to Defeat Negative Self Talk

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october 6, 2019

1. Refocus your thoughts

     Right now, you’re thinking about that one thing that you did wrong, or the thing you SHOULD have done, or how your life is one giant mess as a whole.  Take a breath and get back to your center.  What are your priorities?  Are your priorities to mentally beat yourself down until you’re unable to do anything?  If that’s not your goal, then you need refocus your thoughts.
Make a list. Take pen and paper or your list app on your phone and WRITE OUT the things that are most important to you. Try picturing yourself living the life you want to be living.  When you picture that, what are you doing? Stop thinking about what is wrong, and focus on what you want.

2. Replace your thoughts

     When trying to refocus your thoughts doesn’t work (and there will be the days that it won’t) REPLACE them!  Telling yourself to “stop thinking so negatively” won’t make you do it – it will make go even further down the rabbit hole of “what’s wrong with you”.
So just replace them.
Find something else to fill your head with.
This could be anything.  The ONLY rule to this one is that it’s not negative.  It doesn’t even have to be positive.  It can be neutral.  Neutral is so many steps above negative.  This will look different for everyone because not all thoughts are going to work for everyone.  Telling yourself to only think about puppies will probably not pull you away from your negative train track unless you’re a dog rescuer or love puppies more than life.  You need to find what works for you – and what works for you is what envelops your thoughts.  What intrigues your mind enough to distract you?  My favorite thing to replace negative thoughts with is a dream.  At this current point in my life I have a dream of a beautiful home that I own and is made up of all of the things that make me feel alive.  If the thought of a dream home brings anxiety to YOUR mind – don’t think about that.  Maybe the thing for you will be a garden, or a vacation, or even just sleeping in on Saturday. Find your thing, replace your negative thoughts.  This IS distraction and that’s okay.

3. Move your body

     This can work similarly to replacing your thoughts, but is for those moments when you’re stuck inside your head and have forgotten that there are other organs in your body that want to be utilized.  Just go ahead and try to think awful, harmful things about yourself while walking outside in the fresh air.  Or think about why you said that one thing to that one person while you are throwing weights around as vigorous sweat pours from you.  It doesn’t come as easy in those environments.


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