1:1 coaching

The reason I work in one-on-one coaching is because the entire process is catered to exactly what the client needs in their season of life.  God uses our circumstances to speak to us and so cookie-cutter solutions don't always work.  While I walk everyone through my program, it is still built on completely customizing the experience to what you need, want, and desire most.  Coaching is a unique relationship in which 2 people come together for the sole purpose of moving one person forward.  This is your time.  This is why coaching is more effective than an online course or reading a book - I fit my expertise and the equipping that God has done within me and meet you exactly where you're at.  If you're curious if the overarching structure of my program was built for you, keep reading "The Program".

the program

The coaching program that I walk my clients through was created with one gal in mind.  She has a calling pulling at her heart but is held back by self-doubt, lack of direction, or her past.  It consists of a simple structure that gets to the heart of what is standing in her way but leaves room for God to make Himself known.  Here are the overarching themes we tackle:


clearing the past

clarifying the future

We want to believe we know ourselves well, but through the seasons of life our identity can change.  Our roles change.  Here we check in with how that lines up with who God says we are.

Just like with our identity, we tend to hold onto things for far too long.  No matter what you're past looks like, you live in the present.  Here we catch everything up to the now and aim to live from there.

This is where we find out where our obstacles in discernment lie.  This often includes building habits that keep us engaged with the voice of God.  It looks different for everyone, but it's usually the step that everyone's heart longs for most.  We want to know where He calls us, we want to know we're walking the right way.  My goal is make set a foundation for being confident in that path.




Discovery Call

A discovery call is pretty fun: it's a quick chat with me so I can introduce you to the value of coaching, answer your questions, and see if we'd be a good fit to work together.  My greatest aim is to work with the ladies that I am uniquely equipped to serve and provide them with the best experience I can.  Discovery calls are the best way to discern if I'm the person for you.  I'm also committed to making them as valuable as possible even if we don't end up working together.  If you're open to it, I love to bring in the magic of coaching into my discovery calls.

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