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What is Life Coaching?

It’s almost like it’s become one of those new buzz words that is fun to use but no one truly knows what it means.  Life Coaching. “Are we making life a sport?” “Is this a different way to say therapy?” Valid questions. What a Life Coach is NOT: a counselor a therapist a consultant a […]

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Decision Making Limit

t’s the end of the day, you’re ready to just take your shoes off and REST… but the choice of meeting up with friends for dinner or actually cooking it yourself sounds impossible to make.   THEN, your honey asks when, what date and time, should they schedule that thing you’ve been putting off forever.  Maybe you didn’t necessarily have a bad day, but you just feel closed in on.  Depending on who you are, how many decisions you’ve been faced with in a day, and the type of decisions you’ve had to make it can be really easy to get there.

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Habit Tracking & Mood Tracking

Fast forward about a year and life was going splendidly.  My mood was pretty consistent and positive, I had confidence in my habits, I had a pretty good routine, I also had a list of things that I knew could reset my mood and mindset whenever I experienced a slump.  All of those things that I observed positively affecting my life were right there with CHECKBOXES next to them when I need a pick-me-up.

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Self Awareness Is Not Just Knowing What’s Wrong With You

Generally speaking, there’s 2 types of people:  those that are too critical of their flaws and those that seem to believe the sun shines out of their rear-end.

Frankly, you don’t want to be either one of those people.

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Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Emotional Rest

Rest: The Buzzword Right now we’re at a time when #selfcare is so popular and we’re beginning to admit to the importance of prioritizing our health above our productivity.  But while we’re all chasing after the illusive rest… do we really know what we’re doing?  Do we really know how to rest?  Does a list […]

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Why Your Social Media Feed is Killing Your Motivation

The Problem You feel like you either have no motivation to really accomplish the things you want in life or feel like your self-image is really in the gutter.  Whether those things are bringing up anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, over-sleeping, self-loathing, body image issues, eating disorders, or just a slight demotivation to TRY –  it’s time […]

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